New York Civil Appellate Counsel

High stakes appellate litigation requires a completely different set of skills from those of even the most successful trial lawyers. An attorney’s ability to depose an opposing expert, select a jury, or control the flow of evidence at trial, is not a gauge for a persuasive and successful appellate presentation on appeal, where research, analysis, and sharp writing are the strengths most often rewarded. Annette Hasapidis has focused on appellate work for more than twenty years, has handled nearly 300 appeals and she can help you defend a success at trial, or overturn an adverse ruling at any stage of review in the state or federal courts.

By focusing almost exclusively on civil appeals, Annette Hasapidis has developed an impressive record of success on behalf of both appellants and respondents in the Appellate Division of the New York and Connecticut Supreme Courts, the New York and Connecticut Court of Appeals, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Her ability to master the details of a complex trial record, define issues in terms of the correct standard of review, and make a clear and persuasive written presentation of your strongest case can give you and your client an outstanding chance of success before any appellate tribunal.

Ms. Hasapidis has also worked closely with individual litigants to provide them with a fair and reasonable expectation of the outcome of any appeal. Most appellate litigants are discouraged, even if they have prevailed, because their litigation costs have been extensive and they are entirely unfamiliar with the appeals process. Ms. Hasapidis will review the record of the case below and explain whether an appeal is feasible based upon the evidence and the law. In addition, she will explain the anticipated costs for undertaking an appeal so that your expectations are met.

Ms. Hasapidis also works with trial counsel on complex cases by working to develop and execute a litigation strategy with a view toward achieving the most favorable posture for the case in a trial or appellate court. Appellate counsel's involvement at this stage is particularly crucial because appellate counsel will ensure that a complete and proper record is in place so that the appellate court has the full benefit of the evidence supporting a client's position.

For further information about the scope of her appellate and trial support services, contact her at her Mt. Kisco, New York, or Ridgefield, Connecticut, offices.