Counsel for Law Firms

Specialized Appellate Counsel

Annette Hasapidis has focused on appellate work for more than 30 years, has handled over 450 appeals, and can help you defend a prior success at trial or overturn an adverse ruling at any stage of review in the state or federal courts. Her ability to master the details of a complex trial record, define issues in terms of the correct standard of review, and make a clear and persuasive written presentation of your strongest case can give you an outstanding chance of success before any appellate tribunal. That is why clients and fellow attorneys alike have called Ms. Hasapidis "a lawyer's lawyer."

Specialized counsel at the appellate stage will ensure that a complete and proper record is in place so that the appellate court has the full benefit of the evidence supporting a client's position. Ms. Hasapidis works with trial counsel on complex cases developing and executing a litigation strategy to achieve the most favorable posture for the case in a trial or appellate court.

Strategic Trial Counsel

It's easy, even for seasoned trial lawyers, to lose the forest for the trees under the demands of civil litigation - especially in an unfamiliar forum or practice area. This firm offers experienced trial support, which makes the critical difference between victory and defeat in challenging civil trials on either side of the case.

Ms. Hasapidis's experience and familiarity with the rules of civil trial practice and substantive law in both the state and federal courts can help you prevail on pretrial motions including:

  • Jurisdiction
  • Removal
  • Sufficiency of complaint
  • Preemption
  • Discovery
  • Expert witnesses
  • Evidentiary rulings
  • Summary judgment

Ms. Hasapidis works with and is affiliated with numerous law firms throughout New York State. Most recently, she has joined the White Plains law firm of Bleakley Platt & Schmidt, LLP, as Of Counsel and Co-Chair of its Appellate Practice Group. Bleakley Platt & Schmidt, LLP is a 45-lawyer firm dedicated to providing clients with focused and coordinated representation and exceptional personal attention. Founded in 1937, Bleakley Platt is one of the preeminent law firms in the Hudson Valley region, with offices in White Plains and Southern Connecticut.

As strategic trial counsel, Ms. Hasapidis will be able to broader serve the needs of corporate clients that impact appellate practice.

Why Engage In Motion Practice?

In high stakes litigation, it's never too early to consider the best strategy that will win secure a favorable result at the trial level and maintain it on appeal. With over 300 appeals to her credit, New York and Connecticut civil litigator Annette Hasapidis is well aware of the impact of trial counsel's tactical decisions on the viability of an appeal. Mistakes and oversights before or during trial can be fatal, while careful consideration of substantive law and procedural tools can protect important appellate issues that might otherwise be waived.

The firm's civil litigation experience can strengthen your position on appeal through management of the record, definition of the issues in terms favorable to your client, and constant reassessment of the settlement value of your case.

A History of Successful, Diverse Representation

Ms. Hasapidis's diverse background and insight into the appellate process helps resolve essential issues, including:

  • The settlement value of the case while the appeal is pending.
  • The likelihood of a favorable ruling on any given issue for potential appeal.
  • Identifying a hierarchy of issues to address - which to emphasize, which to mention, and which to abandon.
  • Matching arguments to the appropriate standard of review for a given issue or assignment of error.
  • Using the civil and appellate rules to protect the client's interests with respect to bonds or stays of enforcement while the appeal is pending.
  • Revisiting questions that might have been overlooked or underdeveloped in the pretrial and trial stages, such as jurisdiction.

Practice Area Overview

Hasapidis has won appeals in the following areas:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Insurance defense
  • Employment litigation
  • Matrimonial and family law
  • Probate and estate litigation
  • Personal injury cases, from auto accidents to medical malpractice

For further information about the scope of her appellate services, please contact Annette Hasapidis at her White Plains, New York, or Ridgefield, Connecticut, offices.