Annette Hasapidis, Appellate Attorney

Trial and appellate attorneys provide vastly different services to their clients. Whereas trial attorneys primarily handle depositions, work to select juries, and control the flow of evidence during a trial, appellate attorneys must be able to research, analyze, and write critically, clearly, and effectively to be successful at appellate tribunals. Annette Hasapidis's more than 30 years of experience in over 450 appeals makes her the consummate appellate attorney who can express the merits of your case clearly, persuasively, and economically.

Litigants can rest assured that Ms. Hasapidis will provide them with a fair and reasonable expectation of an appeal's outcome by reviewing the record of the case and explaining whether an appeal is feasible based upon the evidence and the law. Additionally, she will explain the anticipated costs for undertaking an appeal so that your expectations are met.

With a focus on civil appeals, Annette Hasapidis has developed an impressive record of success for both appellants and respondents in the state and federal appellate courts.

A History of Successful, Diverse Representation

Annette Hasapidis has won appeals in the following areas:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Insurance defense
  • Employment litigation
  • Matrimonial and family law
  • Probate and estate litigation
  • Personal injury cases, from auto accidents to medical malpractice

Whether you need to protect a favorable jury verdict or need to reverse an adverse ruling at summary judgment or trial, Ms. Hasapidis can help make sure that your strongest arguments are presented to their maximum persuasive effect.

For further information about the scope of her appellate services, please contact Annette Hasapidis at her White Plains, New York, or Ridgefield, Connecticut, offices.