I have had the absolute pleasure to know, and to work professionally with, Annette Hasapidis for over twenty years. By far, Annette is one of the most capable, articulate, and versatile attorneys I have ever met. She has the keen ability to efficiently focus in on and framing issue from all four corners, and the time it takes the average practitioner to just finished reading the argument presented. The depth of her appellate advocacy both with respect to written and oral skills is at a level few practitioners attain. I can proudly say that Annette's prowess is recognized by the courts where she argues... due to her consistent state of preparation and her command of the authority she presents...

To say that I respect Annette's exceptional skill... is an understatement. Annette is committed to her work, to the excellence of the legal profession, and is an enthusiastic advocate and a strategic asset for any client organization.

Attorney at law
June 2015

[Annette is] in a different realm... [Annette is] about justice, recovering dignity, empowerment... When we had the first conference in Brooklyn, the retired judge who was in charge said to me "you have a very good attorney." I knew then that I would be ok...

I am eternally grateful. [Annette's] interventions on my behalf restored my belief that justice and equity can be achieved. It has had an enormous impact on my regaining my sense of self and my sense of control. I no longer feel victimized by the process. [Annette has] made it work on behalf of what is right.

(Name withheld)
May 2015

I love the way [Annette] loves the law... she is a true public servant. My faith in the checks and balances of our legal system has been restored. I was so discouraged but our case was heard, our story told. When they decide, it will be a solid decision. We will accept it. [Annette is] a star... shining for people like us. Just the folks.

(Name withheld)
February 2015